{David Kirk Evans}
Further Information
See the Publications page for my publications, About Me for more information on my research, current contact information, a resumé, and my thesis.  This page has only a relatively bare greeting.
The picture on the upper left sums up some of the interesting juxtaposition that I feel is everywhere in Japan: modern and traditional, relaxed, yet structured.  The lower picture is a shot of Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, lit up at night for the Fall Season when the leaves are at their peak colors.
That’s me in the center, after my thesis defense in 2005 at Columbia University.  I thought the picture might help because there are so many David Evans out there.  Do a search on the web, it is really amazing.
In August of 2008, I started work at Amazon.co.jp, working with the A9 team on primarily Japanese search.
David Kirk Evans, PhD in Computer Science.  
This site is a place to put up information about my research career, publications, and contact info that will remain stable regardless of where I might be in the time-space continuum at any given point.
I’m currently in Tokyo, Japan, working as a Software Developer at Amazon.co.jp.